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Updated: Jan 28

My goal for 2020 was to blog more "content". Although I would totally count all our beautiful weddings as fantastic inspiration, I wanted to provide some insider knowledge on some of the best products, tools, or ideas I use frequently in my life or in my business.

For this first feature, I wanted to tell you about Ebates.

Ebates is an online cashback website that directs you to your favorite online stores and provides you a certain rate back after you check out for that store. Cashback rates can vary from 1%-10%.

I know it probably sounds super gimmicky . . . I was pretty apprehensive when a friend told me about it four years ago. Reluctant, but optimistic, I gave it a try.

In the time I've had my account with Ebates, I have gotten almost $800 back from my online shopping excursions. If you're an avid online shopper like I am, it's like the little rush of excitement for getting a reward for shopping . . . or that's how I justify it!

To better explain how it works I've outlined the steps below:

Head over to or you can use our referral code to get $10 after your first shopping trip. You can use that link here.

When you get to the homepage there will be a variety of stores with double cashback or sales going on.

If those are not any of the stores you're looking for, type it into the search bar.

Here I looked up Crate and Barrel.

Click on the name of the store to head to the page that will direct you to shop.

Click on "Shop Now" and it will redirect you the homepage of the website you want to shop at.

After you check out, the cashback will be calculated and added to your account!

You receive your cashback checks on a quarterly basis, and they're mailed directly to your address and easily cashed at your bank. Sometimes they'll offer you the option to pick a gift card over the check with a percent bonus added onto the amount you would get mailed back.

If you want to give Ebates a try, you can use my link here.

You'll get $10 in cash back after your first $25 purchase!

If you gave Ebates a try and it's saved you some money, leave a comment or send me an email letting me know how your experience went!

Much love & happiness ~ KH

*We do receive a small compensation that's added to our account for sharing our referral link. The screenshots do show my personal account and the exact cashback I have earned. We stand by all recommendations we make.*