A Little Welcome & Introduction

Hey, friend!

I'm so happy you stopped into our little corner of the internet at, Thistle Bee. I have so many beautiful weddings to showcase to you and portfolio work for you to browse . . . but I realized, that besides the "About" page on our site, you probably don't know much about me.

So let me take a quick time out from our regularly scheduled wedding posts, to stop in to say, "Hi, I'm Katherine".

Hi, I'm Katherine. Lead floral design and owner at Thistle Bee The Florist

I'm the owner and lead designer over here, but quite frankly, I couldn't be able to provide you with the best designs, experience, and process without my team. It's because of them that I am able to provide you with so much for your floral planning experience.

My Goal For You:

My goal for you, whether you're the bride, groom, family member, or pup of the couple, is to have a stress-free experience when it comes to planning and designing the flowers for your wedding.

But how do we do that, you may ask?

First, we're a technology-forward company that focuses on providing our clients with the best tools and software that easily integrates with how you normally use your phone and email.

We have an online portal where you can easily access all of our conversations, pay invoices, sign contracts, upload photos, and so much more. We'll even send you a video on how to best optimize the software so you can maximize the features that we have available to you. That's how easy we want it to be.

If you haven't noticed already, or haven't had the chance to meet with us, we keep our meetings easy to get to, no matter where in the world you may be. No more rushing to get to a shop, battling traffic, or trying to jam a hundred meetings into a day because you're in town. We want your bestie, mother, father, maid of honor, or fiance to be able to all communicate and be a part of the experience without the tedious work of coordinating so many people's busy schedules.

We just want to keep it: Simple and streamlined.

Our Vision:

The vision I had for this company when I started in 2013 was to be able to provide beautiful designs to clients on a variety of budgets. At Thistle Bee, we never want to tell you what to spend, but rather through creative collaboration, and an open mind come up with a design that meets your needs and vision for your special day.

We still see it as our mission to take your inspiration, the essence of who you are as a couple, and spin it all together, to come up with something perfect . . . my favorite thing to hear is when guests arrive at a wedding, and they say this looks totally like "Jane & Jon" or whoever is getting married.

Your wedding should feel like you. We want our designs to reflect that and we want our budgets for your designs to make you feel comfortable, confident, and excited! Nothing is more stressful than feeling over budget; we totally get that!


Before I rave on a little too much, the last thing I want to mention is the importance of teamwork, communication, and collaboration throughout this process.

Designs change.

Ideas change.

Sometimes color palettes change.

But that's a part of the design process! An unwillingness to adapt is what creates stale designs. If you have feedback, let us know! Love something you saw . . . send us some inspiration! Saw something you hate . . . that's just as important too!

We're here to be your design sounding board, floral bestie, and teammate for making your wedding as beautiful as you imagined!

So, now that you know a little bit more about Thistle Bee, let me tell you a little about me!

I have two long hair chihuahuas who are professional supervisors while I design. When I'm not designing, they're usually both on my lap sleeping. You may even hear them barking in the background of my office.

The day I got Willow in March 2019. She was only weighed a pound!

If you're local to the Lehigh Valley, you have to try my favorite spot for the best ice cream sandwich, and actually, just delicious ice cream in general.

OWowCow Ice Cream is in the new Silk Mill in Easton, and it's amazing!

If you're looking for a not so secret spot for an amazing drink, feel free to check out one of my favorite spots for amazing Moscow Mules & Margaritas.

You can catch me sipping on the occasional drink at Bayou (which has locations in both Easton & Bethlehem!)

Don't forget to check out their awesome brunches & outdoor patio!

Lastly, one of my favorite things, that isn't food or drink related (but really- isn't that everyone's favorite thing to talk about?!), is beautiful stationery.

I love the different colors, textures, and patterns available and I love a good letterpress! Not to mention, metallic foils - I'm in heaven! Pair this with stunning calligraphy, old-time stamps, some floral touches, and you have an invitation suite that photographs like a dream.

That's definitely one of my secret loves when I receive images back from weddings.

An invitation or stationery is like the mood starter of an event. It sets the tone, gives a vibe, and preps guests for the type of experience they'll have.

Oh, and I can't forget to add that I love a custom wax seal . . . I'm guilty of adding a seal to everything!

I'll link the set that I use below if anyone's interested.

Pro- Tip: To save time, use the hot glue gun wax. It helps projects go faster with the same level of aesthetic as hand dripping it.

Wishing you much love & happiness,


Don't forget to tell me what you think by dropping a comment below or messaging us!