Five Things To Know . . .

As newly engaged couples everywhere are beginning to plan their weddings, we wanted to go over the five most important questions you should have answered before calling your florist (or us).

Before we begin, clients always ask, “How far in advance should I plan to start scheduling appointments to meet with a florist?"

The “rough” answer to this would be six to eight months before the wedding, but preferably we’d like to say a year in advance if you know you want to work with a particular vendor. But before any scheduling should happen, you should know the answers to the questions below and then you know you're officially ready to set up a time to speak with us.

1. Do you have the date set?

This one is the most important piece of information you should have set before calling to set up an appointment. We need to make sure that we’re available to do your wedding, and without a date, it’s more difficult to give the best recommendations for your event. We like to consider seasonally availability for both flowers and which designs are appropriate suggestions when we speak to you.

2. Do you have a venue picked?

This information is important not only for picking out which pieces would best match the space we’ll be designing and styling in, but to know how far we’ll be traveling! We’re fortunate enough to be able to travel to all different venues throughout the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, but in order to understand how we’re going to logistically execute the event, we always like to know how far, and where, we’re going. Also, in general, always check with your vendors and see if they travel to your venue; sometimes online listing services like Wedding Wire and The Knot will mark down that a vendor is in the service area for your venue, but in reality, they might not travel that far (or it wouldn't be cost effective to have them travel that far).

3. Do you know how many people will be invited?

Having a rough guest count is necessary to figure out how many pieces you’ll need for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! By knowing how many people you invited we can figure out how many centerpieces you’ll need, as well as all the little details for designing your event, that will make your proposal and budget estimate that much more accurate.

4. Did you pick out your bridal party?

When designing for your bridal party it always helps to know how many of your favorite ladies and gentlemen will be standing by your side. This translates into us helping to figure out how much to budget for personal flowers. Knowing this information then allows us to better suggest which flowers will work best for your design aesthetic, what’s in season, what flowers are cost-effective for the number of people in the bridal party, and the overall look.

5. Do you have a color scheme or theme picked out?

We love when you have your colors and look picked out. It allows for us to give you a truly enriched and vibrant consultation where you can enjoy picking everything out! Although you don’t have to have these details officially decided, it will allow us to give more specific and focused recommendations.

Once you have the above information figured out, then we'd say you're ready to setup a consultation! For some, all of this might be decided on a year in advance from the wedding, and for others it might not be until much sooner to their wedding date; either way, this fundamental information should be decided on before we begin the fun of designing your event!

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Much Love & Happiness ~KH

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