2016 Wearable Collection

For most of you that know me (from a reallllllly long time ago), know that my first love was making jewelry. It was my first creative outlet, experience with design, and love of all things beautiful and unique.

Upon the request, and inspiration, of one of my 2016 brides, I have begun dabbling in the union of my two favorite things: jewelry and flowers. The result of this marriage (no, wedding pun intended-well sort of) is our 2016 Wearable Collection. We will be creating these with a variety of organic mediums, as well as jewelry options.

For weddings, we will be using flowers, succulents, greenery, and different beading/string options to create beautiful, couture pieces that will look stunning in your pictures.

We are also looking to offer an all succulent design for general purchase and wear to our amazing customers that can be shipped to them or sent as a gift. The nicest part about the all succulent jewelry are their longevity and re-purpose capability. On average, we see the succulents pieces stay beautiful for over two weeks. When you are done wearing your piece of succulent jewelry, you can clip off the succulents and re-plant them. We love the idea that not only will people be able to have beautiful jewelry, a great conversation piece, but we love that they can enjoy them way past their original showcasing.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing a wearable, or having them added to your wedding order. Follow us on your choice of social media to receive the latest updates and links for purchasing.

Much Love & Happiness~ KH

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