Winter Styled Photoshoot

As most of you living on the East Coast know, we experienced "Winter Storm Jonas" in all of its glory this weekend. To my surprise, when I stepped outside to shovel out to civilization (A.K.A dug out all of the vehicles and driveway) I realized how absolutely beautiful and blue the sky was, how elegant the evergreens danced with their branches laden with snow, but mostly, how the crisp winter air left one's complexion as perfectly rosy as some of the most expensive blushes do.

As any floral designer would do, I sprinted (just kidding, I walked . . . ) to my workspace and began creating. My mind instantly started imagining some winter wedding designs. The pinecones, the berries, the evergreens, the sway of each piece of the bouquet giving life and color in the vast monochromatic landscape that is winter.

So, with a little baby's breath and a gorgeous model to take pictures of, here's a few of our Winter Wedding ideas. For this look, I went a little more simplistic and felt it would be the perfect statement for a bridesmaid.

Feel free to pin any of the images and add them onto your inspiration boards.

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Much Love & Happiness ~KH