Behind the Cost of: Wedding Flowers

So I will admit I do like for bride's to believe that I am their Fairy Godmother/Ninja of weddings. I believe in the importance of making an event look seamless, effortless, and most importantly: easy. But with that, I often get questions like, "All you're doing is throwing together some flowers in a vase . . . so why are centerpieces so expensive?"

Ugh, how I wish it was that easy.

To begin, we spend an enormous amount of time planning each color, flower, and container for your wedding. We think about if certain flower's smell might bother your allergies, we think of what time of year you're getting married, we think about how you want to feel when you walk into the room on your wedding day. A.K.A. we put a lot of thought, time, and planning into your event way before we even touch a single stem.

A few months fly by, and it’s finally time to actually make your wedding order; and although we would like you to think the flowers come ready to be used, they actually take a ton of prep work. Our company takes pride in using the best flower food (yes, they need nutrients), the proper tools, and natural sprays to keep your order looking absolutely perfect. By the way, your order is literally the freshest you can possibly get. No coolers. No refrigeration; just an intense amount of planning and coordinating with the best local growers and wholesalers in the area.

After your order has been received, prepped, and literally each piece handled individually, we finally get to design!

The funny thing about flowers, as opposed to other non-perishable wedding day items, is that we are constantly working against the clock. It's all hands on deck from the second those flowers enter our doors to when they are placed in your hands, or rather, on the tables.

Soo, we made your gorgeous florals. Now what?

Hello, delivery time. The logistics that goes into an event and transportation is incredible. Think about the last time you packed your car with 50 glass vases, with water? How would you do it? Would they all make it there in one piece?

To ensure that everything makes it to your event, including all the water still inside the vase, takes our great team a lot of thought to plan exactly how each piece will be wrapped, placed into the van, kept safe, and unloaded on time.

And that's just the surface of things.

Although, I could go on and on about the behind the scenes of things, I do prefer to keep a little magic around how things get done. My point is, flowers are expensive because they take a lot of time and people to create your vision; let alone, flowers are simply expensive (but we’ll save that inside scoop for another day). . . Oh, and that gorgeous handmade ceramic, two foot urn you love? That’s not exactly inexpensive either. That urn takes a lot of material and flowers to create it, and make it look like you envision.

We do recommend that you have good communication with your florist. The cost of your wedding day flowers can be within your budget as long as you’re flexible and open. Your wedding day professional has a wealth of knowledge, so don't be afraid to ask questions and BRAINSTORM with them. We believe that designing a wedding is a collaborative effort, as well as a process.

Remember, "Sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination". Planning and designing a wedding is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun. We want you to know that although flowers can seem expensive, there is a lot of time and people that go into creating exactly what you envisioned.

Check out the video below to see a recent wedding we created:

Much love & happiness~KH

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