Week One: Lent Sanctuary Design

A few weeks ago the pastor of a local church reached out to me in regards to designing their sanctuary for the Lenten Season. At first I do admit I was a little weary of climbing, changing, and touching the most important part of a church; she alleviated my concerns by explaining to me her vision for this important Christian holiday season. The Pastor described her vision as a dark wilderness, desolate, and left one feeling a sense of emptiness, with each week transforming and changing (but mostly coming back to life). With that description we trekked out into the wilderness to find the perfect pieces (literally, we went into the wilderness . . . and in a blizzard too!).

I want to thank Franklin Hill Vineyards for letting us use their grape vines as part of the design!

Below are the pictures of week one's design.

For the design, we used the vines and roots to begin climbing up towards the cross. We added the rock for symbolic purposes.

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