Wedding Wednesday: Mandy & Josh

First off, I would like to congratulate Mandy & Josh on a beautiful September wedding! The weather was perfect, the flowers looked gorgeous, and the bride was glowing!!

I always love a good love story, and this couple definitely had one. The two met in 4-H club, with passions deeply rooted in the agricultural community, and were the cutest high school sweethearts.

I am truly grateful that I was able to be a part in making their wedding dreams come true.

Part of their wedding vision was to have their ceremony in a pagoda at their local antique tractor pull spot. We transformed the space, adding lots of tulle in purple and white, with touches of burlap. The pagoda was incredible large, but our talented team conquered the space with ease.

The couple was married under the pagoda. The whiskey barrel served as the perfect location for their unity sand.

The aisle boasted gorgeous arrangements that were placed on logs that the groom cut. On the outside of the aisle seating burlap bows helped to add to the rustic charm.

This picture, I think, give the best representation of the shear size of the pagoda.

The reception location also had a similar rustic charm; the groom handmade all the boxes that the flowers were placed on/in. It had just the right touch to compliment the whites, greens, and purples that were in the couple's color scheme.

My favorite part of the floral designs we did would have to be the Bride's bouquet. It was bright, colorful, and outgoing, much like the bride carrying it. Hand wrapped in burlap and antique lace, the bouquet complimented her dress perfectly.

For now, I will only reveal the groom's boutonniere.

Stay tuned for more pictures of their special day, which will be added to our Wedded Bliss page.

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