The not so small details you could be forgetting.

Amongst the chaos of wedding planning, we’re here to help you remember the details that often get forgotten. These are the not so small details that really enhance the entire look, feel, and logistics of your special day.

  • Wedding Back Drops: We know this seems like something that wouldn’t be forgotten, but somehow it is! If you’re getting married in a church this detail is less relevant, because most churches are beautiful just as they are. If you’re getting married outside, under an arch or pagoda, a back drop will definitely make your ceremony photos! There are so many ways to decorate them too! Tulle, flowers, lights . . . the possibilities are endless! Here at Thistle Bee we’re totally digging the hanging flower backdrop. (You know the carnations that look like they are floating that’s all over Pinterest?) It’s light, airy, and look AMAZING in pictures.

  • The importance of Corsages & Boutonnieres: When we sit down to plan flowers with our brides we have a long list of all the potential family and friends who may need a corsage or boutonniere.

**Note: Corsages are for women and are larger in size, often adorned with ribbon. Boutonnieres are for men and are smaller with no ribbon. **

  • Not only does the flowers make your guests feel special, but it’s a great way to mark these special guests for your event coordinator/ushers. Don’t want Grandma Suzy to sit next to Grandma Pearl ask your florist to make their corsages each a different color. Then let your coordinator/ushers know that the red corsage and the blue corsage should not be seated next to each other. It’s a great way to keep things running smooth, without it being awkward.

  • Time Management: I need you to know how important allowing yourself enough time to get ready is!!!! (Hence the four exclamation points). Whatever time you think you’ll need to get ready, add a half hour extra at minimum. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed and stressed. I will bet you that most brides will run late in some aspect of their original wedding day timeline. This not-so-small detail can easily be alleviated by adding a half hour in all applicable areas of your wedding day timeline. Think hair and makeup, travel time, and the amount of time needed for the perfect picture. The upside to this method is, at worst, you either have time to breathe, are early, or you’ll be perfectly on time!

  • Emergency Contact: We actually require all of our brides to provide an emergency contact when we meet with them. Yes, this does sound a bit dramatic, but it works! On your day you shouldn’t have to yield a million questions, net problems, or deal with vendors not knowing where to park. By giving all relevant people and vendors an assigned contact and their number, you won’t have to deal with all the little hiccups that could arise. A.K.A you’re free to enjoy your wedding day.

Tell us what wedding day detail you wish you had thought of! Comment with your experiences below.

Much love and happiness~KH

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