What to DIY For Your Wedding

Believe it or not, we love our DIY brides. They have a vision, they have the creativity, but they have a budget. So to guide our wonderfully crafty gals into the right direction, we share our thoughts on the best things to do-it-yourself.

When it comes to DIY it’s all about the prep time. Anything that can be made at least a month in advance from your wedding day is fair game. They key to successful DIY is time. We think it’s great when Brides can get their family, bridesmaids, and friends together for a night of wine and crafting! Not only are you making your wedding vision come to life, you’re making memories!

Remember, wedding planning as a process, is just as important as the destination! Savor every step of it!

We recommend the best DIY projects include gift tags, thank you gifts, place cards, and centerpiece accessories.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas, free fonts, and wedding inspiration.

We DO NOT recommend certain things for DIY’ing. For instance: flowers, cake, and photography should not be done yourself. The reason for this is NOT because you aren’t capable of making beautiful arrangements, cakes, or pictures . . . the problem is all of these “projects” are extremely time sensitive. Flowers and food take a lot of time to prep, create, and store. The few days leading up to your wedding should not be filled with the stress of having to produce these wedding essentials! Remember, you want to enjoy the process! Ask your florist, baker, or photographer to incorporate your DIY into their designs. Most vendors will even setup all your wedding décor up for you! It’s a lot less stressful than relying on yourself or someone else to do it for you!

Lastly, for all our DIY brides, don’t forget to account for the transportation logistics for all of your creations. Make sure that you can (or whoever you designate) can package, transport, and unload your wedding stuff without the worry of damage. Flowers and cakes are risky business to transport, and it’s unlikely that you’re going to have time to worry about setup the day of the wedding.

If you’re worried about your budget, Contact Us, t0 talk about some of our special wedding packages. We work closely with our brides to incorporate their designs into our floral designs; and don’t forget to ask for setup services!

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