How To Pick a Wedding Theme

Updated: Jan 17

Lately, with Pinterest, Wedding Wire, and about a billion bridal magazines out there we are hearing bride’s cry for help. They tell us how there’s too many choices, too many things they like, too many things they’re unsure of. All of this uncertainty leads to one thing, and one thing only: a halt in your wedding planning.

To prevent this common paralysis that many brides feel when planning their big day we came up with 5 Steps for Success on how to pick your wedding theme!

  1. The 5 Second Test: This is one I tell all of my brides. When you see something especially on Pinterest . . . Take a look at the picture for five seconds. Do you like it? Does it make your face light up? Do you go, “Well that’s pretty!”? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you like it! The key to this tip is only allowing yourself five seconds; after five seconds many brides begin questioning themselves to whether or not they really like something. To that, I say, “If you like it, you like it!” So pin that image and keep moving. Do not stop to over-analyze. You are in the design process which oftentimes will change and evolve.

  2. Emotion words: No, this does not mean words that make you emotional. It’s not time to cry yet! We mean words that describe emotions you want to feel on your wedding day. These keywords are essential to tell your floral designer, venue coordinator, or cake designer. They are the words that you want your theme to exude. Since there’s no need to create a theme yet, emotion words are a great starting point. Things like romantic, soft, vibrant, intimate, grand, and cozy are great words to describe the feel of your day. This way you don’t have to fully commit to a style quite yet.

  3. Tis’ the Season: We love the color just as much as you, and sometimes picking only one or two colors for a wedding can be difficult. A great starting point to picking colors is to first decide what season you plan on getting married in. Then Google yourself a color wheel. Take 5 seconds to see what color jumps out at you. Now ask your significant other. What color do they pick? Do they match? Are they complementary? Now ask yourself if those colors are conducive to the season you are getting married in? If so, you have started picking your wedding colors!

  4. To have and to hold: So you are starting to pick inspiration, the feel, and the colors of your special day. But now you need to start envisioning the location of your ceremony and reception. This does not mean you have to have a venue booked. You do want to know if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, a banquet hall, or a beach wedding. This way you can begin to make sure all your previous steps are still remaining cohesive and relevant.

  5. Two heads are better than one: Designing your wedding day is lots of fun, and what’s more fun than sharing that process with the people you love!? I use this method almost ALL the time. Create a YES, NO, and MAYBE pile (or Pinterest board). Look at the pictures you have and apply the 5-second test. Do you still love it? Is it appropriate to the color, venue, and season you want? Put it in the yes pile. Do you still like it, but have apprehension? Add it to the maybe pile. Does it no longer match the description you came up with based on the last few steps? Throw it in the no pile and don’t look back.

Now, once you have a yes and maybe pile find the similarities (and there will be similarities). And yes, ladies and gentleman, all those similarities is the beginning of a theme for your wedding day!

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Much love and happiness ~KH

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