Is it spring yet?

As I sit here looking out the window at the mass amounts of snow from my somewhat chilly window seat, I can't help but yearn for spring. The flowers, the sunshine, the warm days . . . and the start of wedding season! Sitting down to write out my proposals for summer weddings leaves me gawking at all the gorgeous flowers I will get to work with; and quite sadly leaves me loathing the snowy abyss outside of my window.

On the other hand, my "glass half full" attitude begs me to see this snowy mess differently. I do have to admit that this snowy winter wonderland has its upsides. For instance, the way the snow glitters on all of the trees. It has such a majestic feel---mushy sounding, I know. Or the fact that I can sit here, warm and snuggled up, appreciating the down time before the chaos and excitement of Valentine's Day orders.

I found this picture on Pinterest and I think it sums up how I feel. Anyone else feel like this ever?Much love and happiness ~KH

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